2020 Exhibitors

AE Tribal Antiques
Aaron Freeland
American Trails
Andrew Munana Collection
Andrea Vargas
Baje Whitethorne Sr.
B Pettit Antiques
Balloue Studio
Black Horse Studio
Brian Welton
Carole Schurch
Charles Brauchle
Clear Sky
C.N. Gorman Museum
Dave DeRoche
Dove Place Antiques
Eastwoods & Geronimo
Elizabeth Krauss
Faust Gallery
Frank Kinsel Antiques
Galloping Horse Antiques
Gregory & Angie Schaaf
Heidi Becker Antiques
Historic Toadlena Trading Post
Jerry Weisberg Tribal Antiques
John C. Hill Antique Indian Art
John Durbin
John Molloy Gallery
Judy Adams

Kachina Motel
Marion Hamilton Gallery
KR Martindale Gallery
Michael Billie
Michael Smith Gallery
Miles & Miles Trading
Native American Art Magazine
Nizhoni Southwest Spirit
Patty Fawn
PC Co Handbags
Peter J. Gallick
Pook a Moon Gallery
Red Mesa Gallery / Jeff Voracek
Ric Charlie
Robert Galvez Antiques
Shades of Rez
Spirits of the Plains Gallery
Stan & Andrea Ornstein
Steve Elmore
Steve Morrison
Summerhouse Antiques
Sundance and Son
Taylor’s American Indian Shop
Todos Santos Trading Post
Transitional Arts Trading Co.
Turkey Mountain Traders
Two Sisters Trading
Victor Ochoa’s Trading Post
Waddell Gallery
Weapons International
Weisman Gallery